Why Sky Craft - Curriculum

Sky Craft has developed creative, researched and goal oriented curriculum called as “Power of 3P - Curriculum

“Power of 3P - Curriculum” has developed by appropriate consideration of child interest, abilities and their age.

Sky Craft believes that Holistic progress of child is nothing but development of his or her Potential, Personality and Passion - Power of 3P!

Potential is nothing but “what we could really do”.

Personality is total quality of an individual’s behavior like interest, habits, intelligence, physical attributes, feelings, skills, temperament and aspiration.

Passion is any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling or desire.

In Power of 3P - Curriculum the Personality pattern of child is specially assessed by Enneagram Theory. The enneagram (in greek ANY –A- GRAM) is nothing but the diagram of 9 points. This theory suggests that each of us has pattern of nine types of personality like (perfectionist, helper, achiever etc.) and each type influence more or less on us. Enneagram suggest clear guide lines to identify different pattern and it’s intense of influence.

Foundation blocks to accomplish the “Power of 3P”:

Communication Skills:  to develop the listening, verbal, reading and writing skills.

Emotional Skill:  to develop the overcoming of shyness and tendency of withdrawal, to develop the controlling of strong expression of emotions like biting, kicking or hitting, to develop love and affection, to develop the controlling of emotional tolerance and society acceptable behavior

Social Skills: to develop necessary personal and social habits, positive self-control, encourage group activities and ability control behavior or emotional expressions.

Physical Skills: to develop fine motor skills and gross motor skills and neuro-muscular coordination. Physical skills indirectly improves emotional and Interpersonal skills 

Aptitude Skills: to develop the perception, thought, reasoning, reflection, problem solving and imagination.  It is also known as cognitive or intellectual skill development.

Artistic Skills: to develop different arts like Drawing, Craft and Drama and thus make them Passionate about it

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